Forum Research prepares data in a variety of custom formats including banners, frequencies, cross-tabulations, summary calculations (net calculations, averages, medians), and interim results. We cross-tab horizontally or vertically by frequency, percent, mean, median, standard deviation, standard error, chi-square, t-tests, etc. in a clear, easy to read format. All tables go through a vigorous Quality Assurance process prior to delivery to our customers. Common delivery options include Word, Excel, and HTML.

Data Files

Forum Research provides output in the format that best suits your needs. Common data files such as Excel, SPSS, or ASCII format are created with a touch of button using our software. Forum Research can also produce data files in many other formats including TXT, DBF, or SAS.


Coders process questionnaires by establishing codes, processing verbatim comments, and preparing all data for computer processing. Some of our customers prefer verbatim answers to open-ended questions, while others prefer answers coded into categories for tabulation purposes. Coders can also identify and classify open-ended, verbatim responses. Our Coding team is trained and routinely monitored by experienced supervisors for Quality Assurance. Forum Research works with the customer for final approval of code sheets.

Data Entry

The data entry staff at Forum Research are carefully screened and trained so that accuracy and speed are the determining characteristics. Up to 25% of each entry clerk's questionnaires are double-verified for accuracy.