Text Analytics

Our Fuzion Platform uses linguistic techniques to extract meaning from content. Using natural language processes, we transform unstructured and structured data (text) with techniques such as parts-of-speech detection, grammatical parsing, and named entity detection. The transformation allows for superior classification and sentiment scoring on an ongoing basis compared to a purely manual program. Fuzion transforms text-based content into quantitative and easily consumed reports and analysis, enabling corporations to get enterprise-wide feedback at long last.

Sentiment Analytics

Sentiment Analytics is all about the ability to deduce the so-called "emotional connection" between companies, their brands, and the consumer. Sentiment scoring assists with consumers' sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective responses to marketing stimuli. This technology capitalizes on the fact that every company's customer experience efforts conveyed through traditional media or social channels can create a "sentiment action" from any given person. By employing Sentiment Analytics enterprises can learn why consumers make the decisions they do, and how they truly feel about a product or service. In addition, Sentiment Analytics combined with Social Monitoring can act as a powerful tool to help fully understand your customers.

Speech Analytics

The Fuzion Platform supports the analysis of recorded speech. Every word that is said - on an inbound agent call or voicemail or even an outbound interview - can be analyzed acoustically for the emotion and intent that lies behind it. Calls or recordings can be tagged, categorized, and scored into a single structured data resource for thorough customer analysis and rich understanding.