Important Notice Regarding Scammers

It has come to our attention that our company name and likeness have been used without our consent by individuals in support of a scam. We have notified the appropriate authorities, but we would urge any person who receives a suspicious looking email to notify us immediately by emailing to confirm the legitimacy of the email.

How to Tell if an Email is Suspicious

Below, we have provided a few pointers to help you determine if an email you receive from a person claiming to be from Forum Research should be treated as suspicious:
  • The domain names – Please look closely at the email address of the sender claiming to be from Forum. We have noticed that illegitimate emails have come from domains such as “” or “forumsresearch” (i.e. researchs / forums / plural). All verified Forum email addresses have a domain of “”.
  • The content of the email – Many of the scam emails that have been sent out will ask you to make large purchases of items such as Google Play gift cards or Steam gift cards. It is unlikely that our company would ask this of shoppers.

If any aspect of an email sent by someone claiming to be from our organization strikes you as suspicious, please confirm the email’s legitimacy with our staff through the email address listed above before proceeding.