Insight Overview


At Forum Research we are constantly monitoring the pulse of the public and business community in order to afford our customers and associates the insights of our polls and related research. As we state at numerous points on our website, in order to control and positively manipulate the outcomes of your endeavours it is paramount that you understand – or in other words measure – the conditions of your environment. Our Insight efforts, in combination with the other areas of service, such as Market Research, Customer satisfaction surveys as well as public opinion polls (social and municipal, provincial, and federal political issues) and mystery shopping, provides our customers with a sophisticated avenue from which to gain perceptive and pertinent knowledge into their market research needs. We understand that every decision is paired with certain complexities. Forum Research's Insight resources will act as sound indicators of the atmosphere of your company, customers, as well as the general population. Even further, we will work with your enterprise to ensure that your management has a firm foundation from which to grow. Our services in market and consumer research hand your company the insight and expertise needed to excel customer experience and customer satisfaction in your company's products or services.

Nothing occurs in a vacuum and that is why this aspect of our market research is absolutely necessary for the healthy development of our customer's goals, practices, and future endeavours.