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Aug 7, 2019 Forum’s War Room Dashboard Gets Major Update and Breaks the Black Box... View
Jul 26, 2019 Federal Election Dashboard launched using Forum’s Fuzion Platform... View
May 27, 2019 Canadians and Smoke-Free Alternatives... View
Sep 28, 2018 Forum the only firm to correctly predict New Brunswick Minority Government... View
Jun 11, 2018 Forum Predicts Ontario Election, offers best seat projection by far... View
Feb 5, 2018 Forum Research Inc. announces the addition of Industry Leader John Ball... View
Jan 26, 2018 Forum Publishes First Ontario Poll Following Brown Resignation... View
Aug 1, 2017 Forum is the Most Accurate Firm at Predicting Elections... View
Jun 2, 2017 Forum Successfully Predicts Narrow Liberal Majority in Nova Scotia Election... View
May 9, 2017 Forum Correctly Identifies Greens Propping Up Minority Parliament in BC Election... View

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