Employee Feedback

Employee Feedback can help businesses understand what truly motivates your employees. These customized programs allow enterprises to implement changes that translate to higher rates of employee retention, which can ultimately reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. Employee satisfaction is key component to retention and competitive advantage. Employees with longer tenure are more productive and forge deeper customer relationships, generating profitable business growth. Forum Research professionals can help you design an effective program that provides actionable insights while preserving employee confidentiality.

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback is a critical element in enabling a business to understand the wants and desires of their customers. Allowing the voice of the customer to be heard is the first step in having a quality conversation with the people who keep your business thriving. Gathering customer feedback data whether from analytics tools, formalized surveys, customer panels or social monitoring are all important inputs in determining your company's strategic direction. The data gathered however can be overwhelming and hard to manage. Forum Research can help you design, implement and gather and display pertinent customer feedback to determine the relevant business insight you need to move your business forward.