Customer Satisfaction/Loyalty Measurements

Forum Research Inc. develops and deploys customer experience and loyalty solutions to help its clients effectively focus internal resources on customer requirements, guide continuous improvement activities and isolate strategic points of difference relative to competitors.

Knowing your performance amongst your customers at a particular point in time is obviously critical, but this only represents part of the picture. More importantly, you need to know what to do about how you are performing. Through our customer experience measurement and analytical expertise, we succinctly tell our clients the what, where and how – in essence, providing them with critical insights into their customer relationships that they can leverage, and build on, for business success. We provide the diagnostics. We provide the direction. We provide the 'roadmaps' for improved customer experience and relationship management.

Transactional Measurements

Where are you, at this particular moment, in your customer's eyes? How do they rate your account management team? Your customer help desk? Your installation? Your value delivery? How did their last contact with one of your CSRs go? These questions are common amongst companies committed to world-class customer experience and relationship management.

Many of our clients have a regular need for clear indicators of where they currently stand with their customers. Whether these are required as metrics for a strategic management system such as a Balanced Scorecard, CRM, inputs to a continuous improvement framework, or to determine whether performance based variable compensation will be awarded, the integrity of the indicators must be unassailable. Forum's depth of consulting expertise, strong operational and technical competence and quality management standards ensure that the 'snapshots' our clients receive for key indicators and transactions, withstand intense management scrutiny. We deliver measures that management trusts.

Customer Segmentation & Churn Measurements

With Forum's depth in segmentation research, you can be confident that the solutions and direction we recommend will be sound. But we don't just isolate the segments for our clients; we provide actionable strategic and tactical recommendations for capitalizing on the market opportunities inherent in each segment. We are regularly asked to provide expert guidance to answer questions like the following:

  • What are the most profitable segments to channel finite resources toward?
  • What should the service portfolio look like for various market segments?
  • What promotional appeals will appeal to the market and are they the same across the entire market?
  • Does advertising strategy need to be modified to accommodate different market characteristics?
  • In what ways do the most loyal customers differ from those who only buy sporadically?

Customer 'churn' is a major problem in certain business sectors. Having to regularly replace lost customers with new customers is not a sound footing upon which to sustain a business. To help mitigate this challenging cycle, Forum has approaches to isolate the probability of customer defection and to minimize these customers 'at risk'. We also can help our clients assess the effectiveness of retention and loyalty programs and recommend solutions for improvement.